06 Jan

8 Easy Ways to Raise Funds for Your Music Project

Are you an independent artist? Are you looking for ways to raise funds for your project? If yes, this blog-post is for you!

As an independent artist, you need a significant amount of money and time for recording, printing, copying, distribution, and marketing your album or song. This may come up as a problem but these 8 methods can help you a lot.

Funding for independent artists

1. Ask Your Family And Friends For A Donation: Do not let your pride come in the way of your dreams. Ask your close ones or family members for a donation. If you have a website, consider a payment gateway and accept payments from people you know. Use social media platforms and emails to encourage more people to support you.

2. Search for Crowdfunding Websites for Singers: Crowdfunding is a practice of funding your venture through a group of people who are interested in your project. In crowdfunding, you set a goal of an amount by the specific end date. You create a campaign page to attract strangers and crowd to fund your project in return for something (only when you reach your funding goal). There are many crowdfunding platforms available to help real artists, search the best one for you.

3. Apply For Government Funding Programs: Look for a government funding option available. It largely depends on the category of the arts. Governments of some countries have grants and loans for musicians while others don’t. If there is some option for you, make sure that your application should be in a particular way to be accepted.

4. Sell off Your Royalties from Previously Released Songs: You can also sell your rights to work on an auction to fund your next project. It is done through the royalties you earn every year. You will give up the copyright ownership and the new person will collect all the future royalties from your album.

5. Seek help from the apps available on PlayStore and iTunes: Some apps can help you to make money. You have to do certain activities like visiting a store and taking a picture of display or being a mystery shopper to check-in at locations or accepting different challenges so you can earn money for your project.

6. Look for Some Websites That Help You Finding Gigs: Doing shows allow you to build a fan base and also receive funds for the new projects. The more fans you get, the more money you receive from gigs. Many websites help new musicians finding gigs in their local area.

7. Pick Up A Side Hustle To Make Extra Money: Let your interest earn you some money. Many artists turn their hobbies the source of earning and collect money through it. You too can do the same. Pick up a side hustle to add more money to your account. Make sure that this side hustle does not hamper your goal.

8. Contact A Reliable Record Label To Offer You Funding: Record labels agree on a royalty payment which includes producing CD and advertising. They earn money by selling the records or CDs, touring, and running a successful label. The artists get royalty out of money processed by the record label. Saiyan Records is a popular record label that provides funding for independent artists. Choose one such option.

Recording, marketing, and distribution – creating a song or album cost money. If you are looking for funding for independent artists, these money-making tips would help you realize your dream and launch your next music project.

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